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priya srisrimal

writer, Divination artist & businesswoman

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About Me​

As a multi-faceted creator, I wear many ​hats—a writer, a divination artist, and a ​thriving businesswoman. My pen breathes ​life into poetry & prose, while divination ​unveil the mystical. Navigating the realms ​of entrepreneurship, I infuse creativity ​into commerce. Beyond these roles, I am ​an avid reader, a perpetual learner, and an ​advocate of change. My journey is a blend ​of written tales, intuitive insights, and the ​dynamic world of business.

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Sparkle Icon Design

W​hat I Do.

B​lue inked Fingers

Smeared ink & poetry ​whispers a language of my ​soul.

T​he Divination Artist

Divination is an art and I was ​guided to be its artist. I mas​ter different modalities.

T​he Roots of India

Co-Founder & Creative head, ​thriving success through ​vision & relentless dedication.

Full moon with leaves and stars in the sky

What They Say

Aashima Saxena

"Exceptional writing! Captured my vision ​flawlessly. Words flowed with grace, ​exceeding expectations. Professional, ​creative, and a joy to collaborate with!"


"In awe of the insights. Accurate, enlightenin​g, a guiding light in navigating life's twis​ts. Truly transformative experience. Grateful."

Me​rin Sam

“The ladoo candles and brass diyas were such​ a hit! Each piece radiates quality and​ sophistication. “​

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C​hennai, India

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Full moon with leaves and stars in the sky